July 14, 2012

Earn by Writing Articles for Clients on Freelancer.com

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Judging freelancer.com by its alexa ranking, you can bet that it is a great place for people who want to earn money online. It has a wide variety of jobs for almost everyone. Whether you are a computer programmer, a web designer, a graphics designer or an online writer, there will always be a project suited for you.

Registering as a freelance writer on freelancer.com

The registration process is fairly easy. All you really need in order to register on this site is your email address. Here are the steps for registering as a freelance writer
  1. Go to www.freelancer.com and click on the “sign up” link.
  2. Fill in the signup form with your details and then create your account
  3. Check your email for a message from freelancer.com with a link for verifying your account
  4. Complete your profile

Bidding for a job on freelancer.com

After your account is fully set up, you now have the chance to get writing jobs. One thing that you must know about bidding is that it is very hard for new freelancers to get high paying jobs. However, depending on how appealing your profile page is, getting a job would turn out to be easier than you thought.

Here are the steps for bidding on a writing project
  1.  Login to freelancer.com using your login details
  2. On the main menu, go to “Browse Projects” and choose “Latest Projects”. This is ideal for new freelancers since new projects do not yet have a lot of competition.
  3. You’ll be presented with a page that has the latest projects that have been posted on freelancer.com.
  4. Under “skills required” look for tags such as “articles”, “copywriting”, “ghostwriting” and choose a project of your liking that requires these skills
  5. Read the bid details to know more about the project and make sure you are fully in agreement with the employer’s terms.
  6. Click on “Bid on this project “  once you feel that you can handle the project
  7. Fill in the form that will be presented to you wisely. For new freelancers, I recommend that you don’t choose any of the options under “Get More Out of Your Bid”. Why? It’s better you earn money on freelancer.com and then use it for such purposes rather than feeding your account with money from Paypal
  8. Write a compelling message to the employer. The chances that you get hired when you do this are pretty high.
  9. Hit the “Place Bid” button and wait for a reply from the employer. (The employer might or might not reply, so keep bidding on other writing jobs)

Accepting a project on freelancer.com

You’ll receive an email from freelancer informing you that your bid was successful. In the email, you will be provided with a link that will take you to your dashboard when you click on it. On your dashboard, a Congratulations message will inform you about the project that you’ve won. From here, you can either choose to accept the project or decline the project by clicking on either the “Accept” or “Reject” button below the congratulations message.
Note that when you accept a project, some cash will be deducted from your account. This amount varies depending on your membership plan and your bid for the project. However, the default amount is usually $5.

Working with the employer

After accepting the project, don’t expect things to go smooth. In fact, it is at this stage that you handed power over to the employer. Why? Because your account will have -5 dollars and your reputation will also be at stake.
I can’t guarantee you that your employer will pay you after you submit the written articles. In fact, I've been ripped twice on freelancer.com because of choosing a wrong employer. Visit this link to find out more about how not to get ripped.

How do I know I’m dealing with a trustworthy freelancer.com employer?

  1. He/she has more than ten reviews
  2. He/she is willing to place a milestone payment so that you can work without the fear of getting ripped
  3. He/she must have enough funds in his/her account to fully pay you
  4. Always ask him/her how he/she plans to compensate you for the articles. Be very skeptical whenever an employer promises to pay you after a number of days. Some might be telling the truth, but since you’re still new, it’s very easy for you to get ripped.
  5. Look for other freelancer.com users and ask them how to ensure that you do not get ripped
  6. A trustworthy employer cares about you.
  7. After successfully completing a project, you’ll be rated by your employer. Ratings tell others how you handled a particular project. As far as I know, they are very important to employers. Employers always refer to a user’s ratings before hiring a freelance writer.

My Opinion

Freelancer.com is a great place to earn money online, and it has several writers who earn thousands of dollars in a month. However, it's best that you know some of the benefits and challenges that new freelance writers face.


  • Registration is totally free. You don't have to add any funds to your account so that you can write and get paid. The amount that you earn from freelancer.com will cover the "negatives" that pop up in your account.
  • Jobs are always available. A day won't pass before a writing job is posted on freelancer.com.
  • You have an option of communicating with an employer before choosing a project.


  •  The possibility that a new freelance writer is ripped is high, especially if he/she doesn't follow the guidelines
  • Freelancer.com doesn't help you improve your article writing skills like other article writing companies. Whenever you submit an article to your employer, freelancer.com doesn't counter-check your article to ensure that it is excellent. This is mainly because it is not dedicated to freelance writers alone.
  • Freelancer.com takes commissions from both the writers and their clients whereas other freelance writing companies that are dedicated to freelance writers such as textbroker.com only charge the clients.
  • Since one has to bid in order to get a freelance writing job, it might be challenging for a new freelance writer on freelancer.com to get a writing job, especially if your profile isn't complete.

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