Have you ever submitted an article online? Do you write articles so that you can earn a few extra bucks?
If you answered yes to any of those two questions, then I’m guessing you know that readers love content that is informative. However, while you may be excellent at writing, some of your readers may not fully understand what you’re trying to put across. This may be because of weaknesses such as poor word choice, wrong usage of punctuation marks or even the lack of being descriptive about what you are writing about. Consequently, these weaknesses tend to obscure the information that you wanted to share with your readers.

Should I Really Care About My Readers?

Well, without readers, there’s no point of writing in the first place, is there? Every single website strives to improve the lives of their readers by providing them with useful information. So, the answer is “yes”. You have to care about your readers. However, most ghostwriters aren’t careful about the way they present information to their readers.

So, How Does Wordbrink.com Come Into the Picture?

Wordbrink.com is a blog that is dedicated to providing tips on the things that most paid online writers and ghostwriters are not always keen about when writing. Since Wordbrink.com is all about helping you to produce content that easily communicates to your readers, most of the tips will revolve around making it easier for your readers to find the information they were looking for in your article.

What should you expect from Wordbrink.com?

Wordbrink.com provides tips and guides for online writers, ghostwriters, and copywriters in any of these situations:
  • Whenever you’re looking for ways of making your articles interesting
  • Whenever you want to generally improve your article writing skills
  • Looking for ways of correcting a few errors that you always make in your articles
  • Looking for freelance sites that will compensate you whenever you write for them
Basically, that’s what Wordbrink.com is about. Helping paid online writers and ghostwriters to produce content that the readers find useful and easy to comprehend.

Where is the information obtained from?

Although mere writing experience isn’t enough to help you improve your article writing skill, it tends to give you some insight on the way forward as an online writer. As a result, apart from basing some of the information on writing experience, Wordbrink.com also obtains information from books and online writing resources.

Who’s behind Wordbrink.com anyway?

Good question. Josh Danns is behind Wordbrink.com. He is a ghostwriter/freelance writer who has been producing content for 3 years now. He has blindly worked for several clients on freelance sites and gained some bit of knowledge that he intends to share with fellow ghostwriters and online writers.
He certainly can’t call himself a professional writer, but he refers to himself as “a writer who is constantly trying”. He believes that to become a better writer, he’ll have to share a lot, read a lot, and then implement what he has learned in his writing.

Useless Facts about Josh Danns that He’ll still tell you anyway

He loves playing video games a lot :) God of War is just one of the many. Apart from playing video games, he loves listening to rock music, especially the songs that rely on pianos and guitars. Sadly, he’s still clumsy with pianos, but he believes that one day pianos will like him as much as he likes them.
He lives a simple life, loves making friends from different places in the world, and loves people who enjoy sharing what they know.